WELCOME!  I am so glad you are here.

My path through this life has – so far – been a winding (and adventure filled!) one. I graduated from a prestigious private college with a degree in English.  Soon after, I married my first husband, had two children, and we started a residential construction business together with me serving as the Business and Project Manager.

With that experience, I (post-divorce) acquired several Office Management positions in the Real Estate industry followed by a brief experiment with selling (where I quickly discovered I am not a salesperson!).  I also connected with the top-selling producer in the state and she taught me the vacation rental business where I worked virtually with homeowners and guests.  Again, the sales element left me seeking more.

This is when I jumped into the culinary world and worked for many years in a health food store preparing healthy foods in the cafe and doing whole food style catering on my own.  At this time, I also met my current (and last!) husband Michael.  We have created a wonderful life together on the shores of Lake Michigan and, as a talented Graphic Designer by trade, he adds his expertise to the menu of my offerings.

But, sadly, my beloved cafe closed and I looked to the online world for my next challenge.

I created a food blog called Sprinkle with Love where I shared whole food recipes and health advice.  I learned everything I could about functional medicine, blogging, copywriting, online marketing, website development, email & affiliate marketing, technology, traffic sourcing, and SEO.  Through my work online, I connected with several foodie clients and served as their VA.

My love for the online world drove me to attend Super VA School where Sharon Broughton taught me cutting edge technical skills that a super VA needs to enable successful entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level.  After graduation, I convinced her to hire me onto her team and served as a Customer Support Lead for one of her biggest clients.

From there, I worked with several other wellness clients before I accepted my role as an online business manager for Hormones Balance where I stayed for 4.5 years.  It was a unique role because I was able to grow into many different positions on the team.  I started as a CS Manager, moved on to WordPress and Infusionsoft management, then to Social and Content management.  I can speak the language of every key player in an online business (website developers, graphic designers, video experts, membership specialists, SEO, Certified Infusionsoft partners, marketing gurus etc…).  I wore many hats and I loved the variety every day brought.  I hired and trained her team, created automation and systems, and am proud to say that I was instrumental in the growth of her business.

Furthermore, I lead from the heart and love helping and teaching others.

The underlying theme through all my experiences and successes (I don’t believe in failures as every experience is a lesson) has always been one of expansion and transformation – I am not content with stagnation – there is always something new to learn!  As a VA to wellness professionals, I get the best of both worlds.  I get to help you expand with my technical knowledge and years of online business management experience and I get to do it in a field that is near and dear to my heart.  What a blessing!

P.S. Meet Raphael (my sweet doggie pictured above). He is my canine angel. Look at that face!