Hi, I'm Lisa

Grow Your Health & Wellness Business 

I take over the work that is holding you back so you can be free to focus on what you love doing -  helping people to take back their health.


To Serve More People, Spread Your Message Further, and Make More Money in Your Business, You Need Someone to Take Over the Work that is Holding You Back.

As a wellness Virtual Assistant with a passion for all things healthy and techie, I take over the details so you can focus on the big picture.

With a strong background in holistic health, I understand your mission.

I have a soft spot for partnering with heart-centered entrepreneurs involved in coaching, therapy, healing, and wellness work.

You are the outgoing leader sharing your vision and doing what you love and I am in the background keeping all your systems running smoothly and serving as your royal advisor.

With me, you get more than a traditional virtual assistant who performs tasks. I take pride in your business, treating it as my own and committing to its growth.

I have extensive technical training in a multitude of applications that dynamic online professionals are using to grow their businesses.

Because I only work with a few select clients at once, you get the security of knowing that I will fully devote my attention to your business and needs.


Much love,

P.S  Following are a few of my most favorite wellness clients: Kris Carr/Crazy Sexy, Kia Miller/Radiant Body Yoga, Magdalena Wszelaki/Hormones Balance 

How I Can Support You



  • Create customized content
  • Newsletter editing and publishing
  • Coordinate writers
  • Publish new articles
  • SEO coordination
  • Coordinate recipe and video developers
  • Manage editorial calendar
  • Coordinate affiliate promotions
  • Graphic design
  • Come up with a creative strategy for social platforms
  • Repurpose content
  • Schedule Weekly posts
  • Create positive engagement with Brand voice
  • Monitor competition
  • Research Content and Social Media Industry
  • Email Marketing


  • Website Design/Maintenance
  • Webinar management
  • Lead Generation and List Building
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Landing/Sales Pages
  • Launch Coordination
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Webinar Management


Client Love

“Lisa’s support helped me to grow my business to 7-figures. She comes to you with solutions, not problems. She truly is a champ. What sets her apart is her incredibly positive attitude which is a gift few people have”.

Magdalena Wszelaki | Hormones Balance

Cookbook Author and Certified Nutrition Coach with a focus on hormonal health, thyroid, and autoimmune conditions. Her online platform includes a Facebook following of over 200,000 and over 150,000 subscribers on her mailing list.

“I loved working with Lisa. I found her innovative and capable, able to adapt to the ever-shifting needs of my company”.

Kia Miller | Radiant Body Yoga

Kia is a devoted Yogini and teacher who leads workshops and retreats around the world and has a devoted following.


“Lisa was invaluable when Kris Carr’s team needed additional CEX support. Her compassionate approach, deep wellness knowledge and technical skills made onboarding her a breeze. She was able to dive into the work with minimal training, and for that I am very grateful.”

Kris Carr | Crazy Sexy You

Multiple New York Times best-selling author, wellness activist and cancer thriver.

“Lisa was excellent to work with. She gets the highest marks from me in all areas: quality of work, attention to detail, communication, and interpersonal skills. As a solo practitioner, I’m not always sure exactly what I need help with until the work starts, which can be somewhat challenging. She was able to roll with this well. She intuitively knew how to come in at times to provide guidance while also taking my lead and being there to support me. We were able to finish some longstanding to-do list projects quickly and I would definitely hire her again.”

Jodie Stein 

Jodie is a Psychotherapist specializing in individual & group therapy for women in transition. 

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